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Always open to new ideas and not afraid to get his hands dirty. Meet Stefan, who has been working for Newcorp Group for 7 years. Stefan is general manager Newcorp Logistics & New-fulfilment. Fulfilment is a fast-growing market. What does that look like at New-fulfilment? What is the current focus? And how does New-fulfilment handle all customer fulfilment processes?

New-fulfilment: Same service, different name. Why?
We have been offering fulfilment services for a long time. Due to our continuous growth as a company, we believe it is of utmost importance to be clear in your online and offline communication. Who you are, what you offer and how you can help your customer must be easy to follow. That is why we have decided to open our new entity: New-fulfilment. At Newcorp Logistics, we can help you with all the 3PL logistics services, such as warehousing, distribution, customs services and fiscal representation. At New-fulfilment, we focus on multi-channel fulfilment services, where we help our customers to fulfil their orders to both B2B and B2C customers. That is a profession on its own to guarantee the quality and effectiveness of the processes.

What does a typical fulfilment process look like?
Depending on the needs of the customer, we determine which process is most efficient to follow. In theory, all operational processes may look the same, but in practice they differ tremendously. The product, the requirements regarding shipment and storage play a huge part in creating this process. At New-fulfilment, we have a wide range of customers and therefore a high variety in products. From cosmetics, excisable goods, premium food, decoration to electronics, we have it all. A package with make-up will be packed differently than a television. As obvious as it may seem, the process must be determined first. Our delivery standards are the same for every customer. Orders before 10PM, will be shipped the same night. This means that shipments within the Netherlands will be delivered the next day. The customer and its end customer will be informed by a Track & Trace.

Which e-fulfilment trends do you see?
The impacts of COVID-19 and Brexit are clearly visible. We see an increase in the number of orders which lead to growth at our customer. On the other hand, we notice the impact of Brexit. Many companies are looking for a 3PL logistics service provider on the European continent. For us, these are interesting developments. At the same time, this is our strength as an organisation. We think in opportunities and respond to changes in the market. Because of our continuous growth, digitalisation is something we focus on. The more we digitalise, the better we can inform our customers and provide them with data. In my opinion, we are never done. This is an ongoing process. Stefan is looking forward to the future with New-fulfilment. Growth is in our DNA. Ever since the beginning this is what characterizes the Newcorp Group. That is why we say: where others are still talking about it, we already implemented it.