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Customs agent

Sending your parcel to multiple destinations is not that simple. Certainly not it if it is shipped to the United Kingdom (due to Brexit) or another non-EU state.

Although the European Union has simplified the movement of goods between member states, global transport often goes intercontinentally. Asia, USA and the Russian Federation are important trading partners. At New-fulfilment, we will help you with your customs clearance and supervise your goods. We could store your goods in our bonded warehouse, which means it can be stored duty unpaid until the next location is known. In combination with our IT innovation and latest technologies we always keep you informed about the status.

The requirements and regulations are very high, and it can easily be delayed if there is a minor problem. With our experienced team, we can guarantee the best possible service.



We are not only your customs agent, we could also offer you our fiscal representative service


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