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From order to invoice, New-fulfilment is your partner.

To outsource your fulfilment process means you will be outsourcing part of your branding and brand experience. It is of utmost importance to find a partner that identifies with your core values, your communication style and your work ethics. Only then, you truly find a partner that improves your brand and allows you to grow. Did you know that you can not only outsource your product fulfilment, but also your financial fulfilment? At New-fulfilment, we could handle your financial fulfilment process. This is our so-called order2cash process. When your volumes increase, it is difficult to keep track of your documents, order process and invoicing. Certainly, if you also have to deal with returns. Please contact us directly for more information or to discuss your logistical challenges.

You can trust on our logistics service. Anytime, anywhere. Our order to cash process covers:

  • Stock control
  • Warehouse management
  • Pick & Pack
  • Customer service (International)
  • Distribution
  • Returns handling
  • Financial fulfilment


Do you ever question the type of logistics service provider that will actually match with your organisation and core values?

About New-fulfilment

At New-fulfilment, we are your partner for all your ecommerce processes. Whether it is a high-volume market, or an exclusive product that needs attention, we are here to help. Newfulfilment is one of the most trustworthy partners in Europe to realise the growth you have been looking for.

We have a solution for all your needs


What is order-to-cash at New-fulfilment?

Order-to-cash is more than a normal logistics service agreement. Our fulfilment services do not only include packing, handling and shipping services, but also financial fulfilment. In this way, you can outsource your entire process. 

What characterizes New-fulfilment?

We value personal contact and realtime insight in your operation. The smallest details are important to us. We become part of your team. We even send you pictures of all incoming cargo.


What are the product categories you focus on?

We are experts in many productcategories which makes it easy to work with us. New-fulfilment, part of the Newcorp Group, is one of the very few experts in excisable goods. In our own bonded warehouse, located near the port of Rotterdam and Antwerp, we will safely store your excisable cargo. We handle goods from FMCG to the most exclusive alcoholic beverages.


What people say about Newcorp

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