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Return handling is a crucial part of your operation. A customer could decide to not work with you again if your return policy and communication is not sufficient. It could directly affect upcoming revenue and therefore also customer loyalty. A return is a complex process that requires the correct IT environment and integrations. You might even need people fully on returns when your volume increases. That requires investments, certainly if you need to open up a logistical hub in Europe. At New-fulfilment, we will take care of it, which will bring you experience and efficient cost structures all at once.

You do not need to invest in people or worry about operational mistakes or lack of knowledge. It is all there!

Our return process covers:

  • Confirmation to you about a return
  • Confirmation to your customer if required about the processed return
  • Update of stock information
  • Unpacking of the item and check of the return reason
  • Report the return reason with a picture
  • Repack for sale if possible


It is time to handle your returns 

About New-fulfilment

At New-fulfilment, we are your partner for all your ecommerce processes. Whether it is a high-volume market, or an exclusive product that needs attention, we are here to help. New-fulfilment is one of the most trustworthy partners in Europe to realise the growth you have been looking for.

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We have a solution for all your needs

Expanding to Europe?

Would you like to grow your business in Europe, but do not directly want to open a logistics hub there? Are you looking for a logistics service provider that excels in not only logistics, but also customer communication in multiple European languages? From order-to-cash, from package to returns, from realtime status information to KPI tracking, we cover it all.

Start up?

Are you one of those innovative startups that likes to start big? Want to go international directly? Do you want to give your customers the full experience and service, but you have no idea where to start or do not have the time nor money to invest in an IT environment and logistics team to make it happen? And if you do have it, how do you build up experience? At Newfulfilment, we are there to help you with all aspects of your logistical operation.

Outsource your logistics?

It is time to say goodbye to operational stress! With our dedicated team, we excel in logistics 24/7. On a daily basis, we process large volumes of valued goods that need attention. Whether it is a standard logistical process or a bespoke process for you, we will take care of it. We will take care of your (e)fulfilment and provide the best service to you and your customers.


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