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Where others talk about it, we already implemented it for you.

New-fulfilment is part of the Newcorp Group. With many years of experience in different type of goods, we are your best partner in Europe to store, handle and distribute your products. As a company that values quality and personal contact, we always make sure you know precisely what is happening with your product. Does your product require special temperatures or handling? No problem. Did you know that we are one of the very few experts on excisable goods and have our own bonded warehouse just minutes away from the port of Rotterdam and Antwerp? We are located in the biggest logistical hub in Europe and therefore we can ship your product everywhere at any time.

New-fulfilment is specialised in:

  • FMCG
  • Premium wine
  • Premium food
  • Food ingredients
  • Medical supplies
  • Pet food

For all type of above-mentioned goods, we are fully certified. With our certifications as ISO, AGP, IVV and T-1, we can fully handle your supply chain processes. We take care of the entire logistics process, container handling, loading and unloading, cross-docking, short-term and long-term storage, and orderpicking of your product per coli or per pallet. We process excisable goods and food products, as well as other types of goods, including decorative materials, medical equipment, medicines, furniture and other merchant goods.


We provide different type of storage solutions. Please contact us.


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